Details Matter

Planning for a wedding is a lot of work. Lots of decisions go into finding the right colors, picking the right flowers, choosing which jewelry to wear and of course many other elements of the day. As your photographer & videographer, we will do our very best to capture all of these details.

Emotions of the day

We are always on the lookout for moments of emotion. We believe that they tell the best story of your day. For some, that might mean enjoying a laugh together, for others it might mean wiping a tear from your loved one’s cheek.

Different Angle

From capturing beautiful timelapse footage to acheiving unimaginable camera angles thanks to aerial technology, we are always looking for something unique

About us

Located in Ottawa, MK Productions offers wedding videography that creates art with every shot of the camera. Every treasured moment will be captured through professional grade equipment with the option of 4k aerial drone coverage to present a natural and artistic wedding film you will be delighted with. We are committed to capturing and creating precisely what you are looking for, at the highest quality so you may relive the magic and emotions of the best day of your life over and over again.

Your wedding deserves more than a pose. A video has the ability to capture your special day in a way that pictures can’t.