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Easy Ways to Connect

No cost, no obligation SCO Assessment

Your first access to SCO is one that has no technical barriers.  Simply complete a brief survey describing your Call Center and upload your data.  The data will be processed and you will be invited to see the results in a remote meeting.  The analysis includes a detailed description of:

  • The forecast errors that your call centre is currently subject to.  We’ll show you both the magnitude and an error distribution
  • Unnecessary wait times measured in terms of minutes and excess toll free queueing costs
  • Estimated lost revenue due to extraordinary wait times
  • Projected ROI if you switched from classic interval forecasting to SCO forecasts.

See the subscription page for more details.  If you do subscribe, you’ll get a new SCO forecast to work with immediately.  For ongoing forecasts, you can choose from any one of the following methods of integrating with SCO.

Fully automated Data Exchange

SCO can receive call details automatically from any conventional or cloud telephony platform. Just add four tables to your switch reporting database. Then populate those tables real time using triggers or in batch mode with a scheduled insert. The SCO data pump automatically encrypts and transmits inserts/updates to the SCO web server.

Upload Data/Download Forecasts

Not all planners have easy access to the switch database. In these situations, planners can still quick start their data into SCO. Its easy. Just download an XLS template. Copy Call details from your ACD web reports. Paste the data into the XLS template. Upload the XLS file to the SCO web server. The call details are processed automatically. SCO forecasts are sent to you when the processing is complete.

How to integrate SCO into your Technology

Any WFM Software

Any WFM can leverage SCO forecasts. Simple import agent requirements from the SCO forecast, then create schedules to these requirements. Requirements are available in XLS, CSV or as an integrated web service that makes everything automatic.

If your WFM solution only lets you import Call counts and Talk Times this is not an obstacle. SCO will translate its precision agent requirements into specially tuned interval values. Import these talk times and call counts into any WFM and it will schedule the correct number of agents.

Hosted Cloud Telephony Providers

SCO can receive call details automatically from any conventional or cloud telephony platform. Just add several tables to your switch reporting database. The SCO data pump automatically encrypts and transmits the data from your tables to the SCO web server.

Off-the Shelf Integrations

SCO for Interactive Intelligence

SCO for interactive intelligence automatically collects call details, agent transactions and agent login states and all relevant configuration tables from the I3 reporting database. These details are encrypted and transmitted row by row in real time. This data provides all the details necessary for SCO forecasts. Optionally, forecast requirements can be inserted directly into the I3 schedule optimizer. Alternatively, customers can perform scheduling, trades, notifications, vacation planning and intelligent adherence with Wisdom WFM.


Call centers that use an on premise or hosted computer talk switch have an easy path to SCO integration. The entire ICE database is replicated to SCO in near real time using SQL SVR database replication. Customers can combine SCO with any WFM solution of their choice or take advantage of Wisdom WFM for some of the most richly featured WFM functionality on the market.

SCO for Zeacom

SCO is integrated with Zeacom via the Zeacom plugin for Wisdom WFM. Reporting data is sent in real time to the SCO server via the encrypted data pump. Customers can use Wisdom WFM for full featured planning functionality or they can SCO enable any WFM solution of their liking.

SCO for Avaya

Avaya switches are supported via Zeacom or via direct integration with the SCO encrypted data pump.

SCO for Call Center Anywhere (aka oracle telephony at work)

SCO participates in the daily download facilities of CCA as well as the near real time HTTP post transmission of call details. Customers can perform all of their forecasting, scheduling and agent management via Wisdom WFM or any WFM solution can be SCO enabled.

Wisdom WFO

Wisdom WFO is the original SCO powered WFM solution. Since 2008, it has been offering all the benefits of high definition forecasting combined with some of the most richly featured work force management functionality on the market. If you have never purchased WFM it’s definitely worth a look. However, if you have already purchased WFM or if your telephony solution already includes a tightly integrated WFM solution then look no further than SCO enabling the WFM that is most easily accessible.

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