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SCO stands for System Capacity Optimization.  That’s short for just fix the worst things about my call center overnight please.The worst thing about any call center is when too many customers wait far too long.  Your WFM software has never known how to fix your wait time problems because it forecasts without paying any attention to how long customers wait.  In fact, they count every call only at the point that each caller leaves the queue (when the call is answered or abandoned).  If that strikes you as the wrong way to do things, you are going to love the results that you get from having it done the right way.  It’s easy.  You don’t even need to change WFM software.  Just SCO enable what you have.

WFM Learning Videos

The following learning videos will teach you some very important things that the experts never taught you about WFM. The new knowledge will equip you to make an informed decision about whether to stick with the classic methods or change the game with SCO.

SCO Learning Video 1:

“Care About Wait Times” will teach you how to recognize if your WFM forecasting practices are optimizing the wait times in your call center.



SCO Learning Video 2:

“Meet Jay” introduces you to exact improvements that any call center should expect from the modernization of its forecasting practices.  It’s based on the actual results of real call centers that walked away from classic forecasting.

SCO Learning Video 3:

“How Much Do You Save?” reveals the considerable cost savings and revenue gains that occur when forecasts suddenly respect the realistic needs of callers.

SCO Learning Video 4:

“Truth in Forecasting” exposes the single largest WFM secret of the last 3 decades. Watch this video to truly understand WFM for the first time.  Seriously!


So you have watched the learning videos. Its now clear to you that the WFM forecasting game has never been what you thought it was. These articles will explain the details of how the old game has put limits on your business. More importantly, you will learn how to communicate the new facts of WFM in ways that will motivate your entire organization to embrace spectacular new results. GAME ON!

Game Change

Game Change


  • It's easy. We don’t worry about call counts and talk times. SCO just tells us how many agents we need every interval. It’s always the right number and it keeps pace with our growing business. (References Available on request)

    / Credit Union /

  • For years, we needed to grow but interval based forecasting could never take us there. We could never make the case for more staff because those forecasts never responded to our growth. SCO showed us exactly the extra staff we needed and how to time them. SCO equipped us with exactly what we needed to retain and grow our customer base in this intensely competitive market. We chose the forecasts that care about our wait times and not surprisingly, it fixed our wait times. (References Available on request)

    / Banking /

  • The day we switched, we though our calling rates had suddenly and inexplicably dropped off. It looked that way because the long queues we use to have suddenly dropped down to levels that were perfectly manageable. The demand stayed the same. We were just answering the demand with shorter queues. Shorter wait times also increased our productivity. It was a fascinating cocktail that we did not expect. Lower wait times, higher productivity, no new hiring. (References Available on request)

    / Health Insurance /

  • We had five years of service levels that were always below target. The day we switched to SCO everything changed. We exceeded our service levels. Wait times were consistently short. First call resolution increased. Agents were truly grateful for the way that their work lives were transformed- happier callers, less stress and higher satisfaction. (References Available on request)

    / Federal Government /

  • We were performing our own interval based forecasting until the day we switched to SCO. Our forecasts and schedules changed overnight. So did our wait times, service levels and productivity. We did not hire more agents. The same agents answered the same demand with much lower wait times and fewer abandons. (References Available on request)

    Electric Utility / /